Hair Majesty

In Fusion we are interested in both the appearance as well as the internal structure of the hair. We, as experts in hair care, know that beauty (in hair too) starts from within. Especially nowadays, due to the environmental conditions and the contemporary lifestyle and stress, hair health is really fragile, unless we take good care of it with special, reliable treatments of restructuring, care and protection.


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Hair Experts

Our experienced hairdressers are specιally trained according to the latest fashion and techniques, inspired by the trends presented at Fashion Weeks in New York and across Europe, so as to be able to propose the most suitable look for each client (haircut, hairstyle) according to their face and personality but also the special needs of their hair.
In Fusion, we are well aware of how to make the best of only the professional products (care, color and hair treatments) that really keep their promises. In the clients’ best interest we only use Premium Line products from Wella, Schwarzkopf, Quinoa, Malibu etc products known for their dedication to premium quality.


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Open Color Bar

In Fusion you will find our Open Color Bar, an open space that you will see in no other beauty salon, where all the ingredients are carefully mixed in front of the client, offering them the optimum color and the highest protection for their hair. Thus the client is always sure that only the original, liquid hair dye and mixing liquids IGORA ROYAL (Schwarzkopf), KOLESTON PERFECT (Wella) are being used, and that the materials used in their hair are exactly the ones they paid for.


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Χ-Steam Ozon
One of the most innovative techniques for quality color result offered in Fusion is X-Steam Ozon.
Prepares the hair for dye and ensures maximum duration.
Reduces the hair dye time to 20 minutes, counter to the 45 minutes of an ordinary procedure.
Offers shine and uniform color result.
Adds moisture to the hair.
Empowers the moisturizing masks maximizing their effect.
Results in one tone blonder hair without the use of climazone.
Fusion for Hair
All you have to do is make an appointment and we will make sure you enjoy your Fusion experience by offering you the quickest hairstyle and the most complete hair treatments by the following services:
Shampooing, hairstyling.
Hair dying, Highlights, Ombre, Belayace.
X-Steam Ozon hair dying, in HALF THE TIME, for shiny hair that transforms hair dying into a care treatment.
Brazilian Keratin treatment, for completely smooth, no Frizz, healthy hair.
Μalibu. 100% vegan treatment products using the patented “Crystal Vitamin” technology that is ideal for the preparation of hair before hair dye.